Rise "course completion" issues in LMS

Apr 12, 2021


My client is adding the Rise course that I developed to Talent LMS and he is getting a message that the course is incomplete. What am I missing? I published it to LMS, Scorm 1.2, Track using course completion -- 100% (other options don't seem to apply to me), Reporting - complete/incomplete, Exit Course Link - Off. (Screenshot attached)

We are not quizzing or requiring completion of anything even though there are videos, drag n drop, graphics with markers.

Here's the solution he found, but it applies to Storyline. Should be easier than this. https://articulate.com/support/article/storyline-360-course-completion-trigger


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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Carol! Thanks for sharing your screenshot! The settings look good. From here, I would give your course a test drive in another LMS environment. That'll narrow down whether this is an issue with your LMS or with the Rise course itself.  We use SCORM Cloud for this kind of testing since it's the industry standard. Let us know if you need help with that!

Gail Chambers

Chiming into this conversation. Some good ideas - has anyone used a Storyline block as a trigger for course completion? Are there examples? My question is starting and stopping a Rise course - it only shows total/100% completion not a breakdown of 50% or other percentages or stages of user engagement. Thoughts?