Rise courses not completing

I'm having some problems with our Rise courses in our LMS.

We exported all our courses into SCORM 2004, and then imported them into our LMS, but some of our users are experiencing issues with the completion rate.

The user appears to complete all the content and then clicks the exit button, but for some reason it does not seem to sync to the LMS. Is this more likely to be an issue with our LMS or something we have done wrong with the Rise course?

Attached a screenshot of the "completed" Rise course, in case it's helpful!

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Jenny Marples

Hi Crystal, 

So far, the device doesn't seem to having an impact. However, looking at the screenshots we've received, it looks like all the users with an issue are using Chrome. That said, I have also been using Chrome and haven't had any issues. 

Our ICT support team have suggested that perhaps the newest version of Chrome (80) (I have been using 79.0.3945.13) could be affecting this. Is that possible?



Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jenny!

It's certainly possible that the version of Chrome being used could cause a difference in behavior, but we haven't seen any reports of issues in Chrome v.80 so far.

Would you be willing to share one of the troublesome courses with us? We'd love to test it on our side.

If that works for you, please publish the course again today, then send the output file to us by clicking this link. 

Karl Muller

Jenny, there was a change in Chrome V80 that could have a potential impact on LMS's. Specifically, this change may result in some learner progress data being lost when a learner exits a SCORM course.


Description of the Chrome change: https://chromestatus.com/feature/4664843055398912 

We checked with our LMS vendor to ensure this Chrome change did not have an impact on our LMS.

Jen Edgerton

We are having this issue as well. It's a very intermittent problem. Some learners are completing fine. Others will not move to complete in our LMS. For one particular course, a vendor created it for us in Rise, published as SCORM 2004, 4th edition, set to Passed/Incomplete. Vendor is blaming our LMS, LMS is blaming course. Learners are showing all lessons complete and are using the EXIT button. We're stuck in the middle here and cannot figure this out.

Kyle Wandler

I am also having this issue with a few courses but one in particular. We had issues with chrome, and I talked to our LMS provider they flagged an issue with the version of Chrome noted above. However they have since resolved that issue and I am still getting reports of users completing training exiting the course, then logging back in and all progress within the course is reset to a older state. Sometimes completely erased. This has been happening with all browsers IE, Firefox and Chrome. 

Exports of courses are SCORM 2004 4th edition. 

I am talking to LMS and also looking to see if there is something maybe on this side of things. Thank you for your time. 

Cari-Ann Sheehan

Has there been any resolutions on this issue?  I am also encountering the same intermittent issue with our users.  Across all browsers.  The course is either not opening at all or when launched the user is not getting marked complete. This is for courses that worked perfectly fine in the past.  We noticed it more with courses that contain video. 


Wura Trebble

Hello I am experiencing similar issues but mine is the reverse and happening across all browsers. . We use Saba LMS and when tested, the user can close the course window at any point and select the "Exit and Finish" option to receive credit for completing the course. I do not have the Exit course link enabled in the export settings so we are confused on why this is happening. I have opened a case but has this been resolved anywhere else?