RISE keeps freezing this afternoon - how to notify articulate?

Apr 26, 2021

Hi there,

Just like last week, this afternoon RISE keeps give me an error time out or error something went wrong, and then not loading.  Challenging as on a deadline.  I subscribe to the updates and it says it is all fine, but it has been up and down this afternoon.

Hoping a staff member will see this and pass on message?  What is the easiest way to let them know of issues, without creating a support ticket for them?

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Teresa! Sorry to hear you're having trouble. There haven't been any other reported instances of downtime and Rise is working properly on our end. 

I see you've already subscribed to https://www.articulatestatus.com/, which is a great way to keep track of service interruptions.

The fastest way to get help is to open a case with us

If you're having trouble connecting to us, I would suggest the following:

- Check that you're using the latest version of your browser

- Clear your browser cache. Please try clearing your browsing data? Here's how to do it for your browser

- Restart your device, computer, and network

- Use Incognito / Safe mode to temporarily disable any browser add-ons

Hope that helps! If you still have trouble, please open up a case with us, so we can get you some help faster.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Renz, it is good this morning.  I did check the status page, but because two other people I knew were having issues, I just thought not enough people had reported it.  Thanks for the information about creating a case, seems a shame to have to submit a ticket, would be nice if your status site had a way for customers to just send a quick check when it goes down, and turnaround time may be quicker.  Just a thought :) 

Glad it is working today though!
Cheers and have a good day