Saving Rise Source Files to Local Hard Drive


Currently it does not seem possible to save the Rise source files to one's local machine. As we plan do develop some modules in Rise for clients, we would need to send them the source files if they would like to modify the modules themselves at a later stage. 

I understand that there may be sharing of Rise files between accounts for collaborative work in the near future, is there a timeframe for rollout on this? 

Do you know if or how source files can be saved, or when this may be implemented?


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Robbi James

Omigosh, SO MUCH YES to subfolders!  Because of my previously mysteriously-disappeared content, I'm keeping two copies of everything my team creates so we always have a backup.  My Rise 360 account looks like a library hit by a tornado.  It takes me ages to find my own content, because I'm a co-manager of everything authored by my team PLUS I'm keeping all the backups.  Yikes.  :(

James Trew

Unfortunately this request has been ignored for 3 years. A reply 2 years ago from my post sounded almost promising: "Saving the source files is still on our radar and this thread is included in the report."
It looks unlikely it'll ever get realised, unless the radar is a really big one ;)
Yes, it's a great tool, but what a shame we haven't seen progress here.