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First - let me say  we've submitted an Articulate case (#01944326) and a support ticket for our LMS (SilkRoad). Posting here with hopes another user (or two) encountered this issue and has a quick fix.

We haven't had problems loading Rise 360 into our LMS until last week - and it's just one module that's giving us an issue. We've published this module in multiple SCORM & export settings - with the same result: SCORM Importer Package Error. It reads, "SCORM package isn't a valid zip file. Unable to extract files." Our LMS Admin also tried publishing it in AICC, but it wouldn't run.

This Rise 360 module has a Storyline block, but we've been able to publish them in the past too. We did try removing the block and republishing, but that didn't work either. The course works beautifully in in Web format. It's the LMS or LMS files that are problematic.

Appreciate any advice or trouble-shooting questions you can offer to support our LMS administrator!

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Alexis MacMillan

Thank goodness for this post! I was getting the same error on a client's SilkRoad installation, even though the Rise SCORM package loaded fine on SCORM Cloud.

My Rise course did Not have an attachment with a long file name so that wasn't the exact issue. But I figured if SilkRoad was having troubles with long file names I would shorten the SCORM zip file name itself and it imported! Testing the package now... p.s. I just realized this was you Karl! I should have just emailed you for the answer :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there! 

Have you tried uploading the package to SCORM Cloud to see if you get the same result? This will help determine if the issue lies within your LMS or the actual Rise 360 SCORM package.

If you are unable to upload the project to SCORM Cloud, be sure to send the SCORM package to us to take a peek. You can open a case here!