Sell Courses Created With Real Content Templates in Articulate Rise 360?

Sep 16, 2022

Looking for some clarification on points from this article. 

The language in the article says, "Courses based on or containing real content templates have to remain as Rise 360 courses" and "presenting any of the real content videos or Content Library 360 assets outside of a Rise 360 course is a violation of our Terms of Service."

My question is: can I export a SCORM with Real Content to sell on my LMS - so long as it's completely a Rise 360 course? Or must the purchaser access the course directly on

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi LeaderSharp Group! Yes, you can sell those courses on your LMS as long as it stays in the course format you've exported from Rise 360. For example, you couldn't take a screenshot of the images and sell those images, or do a screen recording of the videos within a course and sell the videos separately. But you could absolutely sell the entire course that you've exported. Hope that helps!