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Mar 09, 2021

Hi community,

I've got a quick question, maybe someone hast a clever solution:

I want to add a button to the end of a course that triggers an email with a specific subject and content. Seems straight forward, but somehow it doesn't work as intended. This is my approach:

I add the email address, subject and content to the "email field":

email button

It opens an email, as intended, but adds the original Rise email subject (course name) to the end of the email:

Any idea how I can suppress that? Is it possible at all?

Thanks for your help and best regards,


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Sam Williamson

Rise also supports mailto links using the standard link function for text elements, and specifying the subject and body seems to work fine there. When I input the exact same link text into a button element it misbehaved exactly as you described, though. A case of inconsistent parsing, then.

If you aren't wedded to using a button you could fake one by formatting a bit of link text to dress it up as one; maybe use a heading text element, add a background colour, centre it, etc. Probably the easiest workaround to get the result you're after.

Nishant Khare Team,%0D%0A%0D%0APlease grant me access to the XXXXXXXXXXX site%0D%0A%0D%0ABest,&


The & is in the last in the above example and the email will look like this (I have used outlook as email agent )



Subject: Site Access Request

Email Body: 

Dear Team,

Please grant me access to the XXXXXXXXXXX site