Suggestion for translation improvement - Articulate RISE

Jan 28, 2022

Dear all, 

we would like to give a useful suggestion for translation improvement. 

With Rise we only have the possiblilty to create a xlif file which only translation agencies can use. Of course we can duplicate the course but are always in need of a Articulate user on the other side. What would be great would be the word-file which is creatable with Storyline to ease the translation and to import to Rise. Is this feature planned in future?


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Wera Leber

Hi Hazel, that is a real pity as this would be an important feature. It is very time consuming to translate Rise projects if you do not work with a translation agency. And the thing is that in our case mostly local colleagues do the translation and they cannot access "xlif" files...Please once again do us the favor and think about this feature. 

Kind regards, Wera