Text on image block

Mar 03, 2022

Hello! I'm having some trouble with the "text on image block".

I have a design created in illustrator and i've exported it out as an .svg and imported the image in the "text on image block". The opacity on the block is changing the colors on my exported image, but I need specific colors to pass my company's brand review. 

Is there a way to bring the opacity% on that block down to 0% to get the colors I need? or perhaps is there another block I should be using

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Edit: added screenshot of color differences.

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Karl Muller

Hi Alana,

if you want to use the Quote on Image block, there is an easy way to get rid of the quote mark.

Create a Quote on Image block.

Select Edit.

Delete all text in the Quote area and leave it blank.

Add your text to the Name area, and format as needed.

Delete the Author image.

Preview the Lesson: no quote mark.

Alana Gilbert

Hi Karl! 

I just tested this method out and it does indeed remove the quotation marks! 

However, it does seem to have a dark overlay by default that is altering my colors and somehow makes my .svg smaller than it is.. so this might not be the right route for me after all.

Thank you for your help!