tracking how many minutes a use watched in a video in an Articulate Rise lesson


I just wanted to know if the progress of a video within an Articulate Rise lesson could be tracked. So, I've created a large course using Rise, but after reviewing a few things afterwards, it seems like a user could just skip over the short videos included in the lessons and go straight to the quiz at the end. 

In a perfect world, the videos could be tracked to see if they even watched each one completely. 

Is this possible?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sadig,

I'd agree with Erin that you may want to use the Pre-built Video Lesson if you want to require your learners to click Play and watch the entire video completely. This video I recorded using Peek explains a bit more about how that works. 

If you're concerned about users skipping over video content in a Blocks lesson, it sounds like the underlying concern is that learners won’t really digest the content. I wanted to point you to Adam's thoughts on the topic here, in case you're interested!

Hopefully one of these video options will work for your design. That's what makes Rise so different from other responsive authoring tools - it offers flexibility and options in an easy to use app, and you'll get a visually-stunning course every time. :)