Two person scenario in Rise

May 03, 2023

I tried to create a scenario where two people could face each other and have a conversation. This is in Rise 360. Is that possible and if so, can I see how it was developed?

Example. Sales asks a customer a question, customer answers. Branching based on the answer.

I do know I can do it in Storyline and bring it in to Rise, but client may not want that.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


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Angelo Cruz

Hello Norma! Thanks for reaching out.

I understand you wanted the ability to have two characters in a Scenario block. Currently, Rise does not support this feature. However, we are tracking a request for the ability to add more than one character to a scene in the Scenario block.

I'll add you to the list so that you'll get notified if we make changes that will help.

Judy Nollet

One simple way to handle a conversation is to use Image+Text blocks. 

  • You have to prep the images in advance. (I prepped the images in the example above in PowerPoint by inserting the Articulate characters over background images, and then exporting the slides to PNGs.)
  • Edit the settings to adjust which side the image appears on and to turn off the ability to zoom the image.
  • Consider adding some sort of divider for better separation of the characters when viewed on a mobile device: