Unwanted scrolling of Storyline box in Rise


When the user clicks on the Storyline block in Rise that is not fully visible, the block auto scrolls. So much so that the new layer is not visible.

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and whether there is a way of structuring my SL content in Rise so this doesn't happen.

See the attached short video.

At the moment I'm putting up with this and not trying to find workarounds, as I have lots of content to deliver!

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Paul Tottle

I have done some testing. 

It seems that because I redraw the "?" in the bottom - right corner, the page scrolls down and then the user misses the main text. Deleting the "?" from the layer and the over-scrolling doesn't happen. However I need to redraw it, as I don't want users to be able to click the base layer.

Not sure what to do other than moving "?" to top right corner.

That's curious... needing to design to take into account auto-scrolling in Rise. Maybe Rise needs tweaking, so the scrolling isn't so extreme, as it is possible for the whole storyline box to fit on the screen.