Unwanted scrolling of Storyline box in Rise


When the user clicks on the Storyline block in Rise that is not fully visible, the block auto scrolls. So much so that the new layer is not visible.

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and whether there is a way of structuring my SL content in Rise so this doesn't happen.

See the attached short video.

At the moment I'm putting up with this and not trying to find workarounds, as I have lots of content to deliver!

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Paul Tottle

I have done some testing. 

It seems that because I redraw the "?" in the bottom - right corner, the page scrolls down and then the user misses the main text. Deleting the "?" from the layer and the over-scrolling doesn't happen. However I need to redraw it, as I don't want users to be able to click the base layer.

Not sure what to do other than moving "?" to top right corner.

That's curious... needing to design to take into account auto-scrolling in Rise. Maybe Rise needs tweaking, so the scrolling isn't so extreme, as it is possible for the whole storyline box to fit on the screen.

Lea Agato

Hi Philip, sorry to hear you're also seeing this issue! It looks like they're looking into this as a possible bug.  What browser are you using to view your course when this issue happens? If you are willing to share your course, it would also help.  You can share it privately using this link. Thanks!

Giles Robinson

It would be really helpful if there are any fixes to these issues that they were actually updated here by the Articulate team. If there have been any resolutions to this I can't see that in the chat. It all seems a bit cloak and dagger and not the helpful open and supportive forum it is supposed to be. 

Nora Jones

Yes, I'm having the same issue with the scroll bar moving up too high each time content is selected. Really hoping someone posts a fix or upates Rise as it's not a small issue, especially for an expensive product. It really affects the user experience and makes courses look glitchy. It would be the main reason I didn't subscribe.

Giles Robinson

Normally changing browser would be my first port of call with something like this. My organisation however, controls the default browser used when opening any links and therefore I have no control over this. I have banged my head off this wall before. Another browser causes issues with something else. Bottom line here an expensive product like this should just work.

Nora Jones I completely agree that this is no small issue and it will impact the end user experience and also be detrimental and any piece of learning content.

The fact this has been a re-occurring issue for more than 2 years doesn't fill me with the greatest of confidence that this has been adequately investigated. My only hope is to SCORM my module and upload to my LMS test site. Fingers crossed the SCORMing may negate this issue. Nora Jones I will let you know the outcome of this testing. 

Alma Amen

Hey everyone.  I just uploaded my SCORM package to a test LMS environment and am experiencing the same auto-scroll.  It's pretty significant and really annoying since we're trying to simulate a software interface and there are so many interactions.

Any update, or work-arounds?  Would turning the block entrance animations to off help?