Video audio sync issue (rise 360)

Hi Guys

I have a course with a number of videos in it and I've noticed that the audio is out of sync with the video. I've checked the original files and they are all fine so I'm assuming something has happened during the upload process - has anyone come across this before and do you have any suggestions to stop this from happening?

Thank you in advance


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Harri. Is this happening with all of your video blocks? If it's just happening with a few, can you try removing and adding the video block again using another browser? That will help us determine if there is something in the browser that is interfering with the media upload.

Let us know how you make out. You can also troubleshoot with my team, one-on-one, by clicking here!

Harri S

Hi Helen

The answer tech told me was that the audio hadn't been recorded properly in the video (although there would be no way of you knowing that)

I literally took the problem MP4 files, put them into Handbrake (open source video converter) and re-produced them as a different MP4 file and the issue was resolved.

Hope this helps

PS I was using Chrome and had a number of videos that worked as expected then some that didn't