What happens with Rise courses after you cancel the subscription?

I want to share a question from a customer:

"Let's say we bought an individual 360 license to create a course in Rise and export it as SCORM. Without other similar projects, we don't renew the 360 subscription.

Some years later our new boss wants to update that course, so we buy the license again for a new period... Will we find that course there and we can edit it? Will it wait for us in  "latent life" status or will it have been removed after a certain time?"


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Dave Cox

Hi Alyssa,

I really believe that Articulate is shooting themselves in the foot with this attitude. While Rise 360 is a great product, I continue to avoid this product because of this lack of ability to download and save the source files. This ability to save the source files is a critical requirement, not only for large corporations, but for small businesses who need to be sure that they can access the source files for the trainings that they create, even as people come and leave the organization. As a private consultant, this is just as important to me, as I never know when something may happen where I might not be able to renew my subscription. I know, from talking with other developers and managers, that I am far from the only one with this concern. I understand that this is a web-based authoring app, but there still needs to be a way to save the source code on local servers, and then re-upload it to Articulate servers when work needs to continue on the project. It only makes good sense to want to protect your work and assets from loss.

I know that you can't personally address this, but I would be very thankful if you would forward this concern to your management and engineering teams.


Dave Cox

Lon Goldstein

Hello, I am curious if there has been any change in this status of the inability to update Rise courses in the future absent an uninterrupted (with a grace period) subscription? I have a new project with a client starting soon whose content (and timelines) may be perfect for Rise, but again, I cannot in good conscience steer them down this path if there is an ongoing subscription cost associated with the possibility of future updates.