Using Webcam Video with Picture-in-Picture to Connect with Learners #410

Webcam & AI Avatars in E-Learning #410: Challenge | Recap

Using webcam videos is a great way to humanize online courses. By appearing on camera, presenters can speak more directly to their learners and create a stronger personal connection, making the learning experience feel more human. The good news is you don’t need expensive cameras or audio gear to create engaging webcam videos. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about.

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a webcam or video presentation to show how video can be used to personalize the learning experience.

You can use any software you like to create your demo this week. The focus is on using video to personalize the lesson while showing different formats for using video to personalize the experience.

Below are a couple of examples that should give you some ideas for recording your own demos.


Rise Microlearning Example

Here's a fantastic example from Kate. I like how she begins with a medium shot to introduce the lesson before transitioning to a picture-in-picture shot for the demonstration. I like this format because the intro shot doesn't show the software UI or the final product.

Instead, it personalizes the lesson by focusing on the presenter. Once it's time to dive into the software, the video transitions to a picture-in-picture format to emphasize the content. 

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Effortlessly Perform Complex Math in Storyline with JavaScript

Here’s another example of how webcam video can be used in product training. I like the way Jeff bounces between medium shots and full-screen software demonstrations. This is a great way to vary the pacing of the lesson while creating a personal connection with the presenter.

View on YouTube

Call for Presenters: 2023 Articulate User Conference

We’re looking for speakers to present at this year’s Articulate User Conference hosted by The Learning Guild. The user conference is a one-day event separate from the official DevLearn conference.

The work you share each week in the challenges is ideal for this event. For example, you can share how you built something or highlight a technique or design approach you used. Check out last year’s resource page to learn more about the types of sessions available.

If you’re interested in presenting, please let me know in the comments when you post your demo. I’ll share your names with the folks at the Learning Guild.

You can learn more about last year’s user conference on the DevLearn website.

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New to the E-Learning Challenges?

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Next Week’s Challenge & Webinar

I'm hosting a webinar next week on using audio in Storyline 360. I'll reference this week's challenge in the session and share your examples in the session.

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