To remove access to training, you have three options: take it offline, turn off its visibility, or remove it from the library. These are all found on the training details page. 

Read on for details.

  1. Take Training Offline
  2. Turn Off Visibility
  3. Remove Training

Option 1 — Take a Course Offline

This is a great option to use when you have to make changes to a training that's already published and you only need to block access temporarily.

Click the Live option in the publish settings and confirm in the Switch to Offline window. 

Taking training offline removes access for all learners, even those currently enrolled. 

Option 2 — Turn Off Visibility

This is a handy way to archive training without deleting it from your account. 

Remove enrolled users and groups from the training content and set its library visibility to Off in the publish settings. The training is still in your course list, but learners can’t access it or find it in the library. 

You can also create multiple libraries to ensure that groups can't access certain training.

Option 3 — Remove Training

To completely remove training from your account library and the course list, click Remove and verify your decision. 

This cancels all enrollments, deletes the current published version from the library, and discards any pending submitted changes. The training must be resubmitted and published again to make it available in the library. Re-published training doesn't retain the statistics of removed versions.