8 Questions You Need to Ask to See if Your Organization is Ready for Multi-Device E-Learning


Shifting your organization to multi-device e-learning often requires some executive buy-in and coordination between teams. Along with all of the helpful tidbits scattered through this e-book, use this list of questions to help start the conversation and capture answers or next steps.

Questions for Consideration


1. Will we be given access to the right development tools for creating multi-device e-learning?

(Note: Section III of this eBook has a robust list of authoring tool considerations you can use to discuss your options.)


2. Do we have the people available to answer learner questions about accessing courses on mobile devices?


3. How well do does our team collaborate with the IT folks (or other technical team members), who may end up lending a hand in supporting learners with mobile devices?


4. Who will own support of e-learning on mobile devices?


5. Will we open up access to e-learning on learner-owned devices or will we require learners to access courses from company-owned devices?


6. What information security barriers or concerns do we need to address or overcome, if any?


7. If we expect learners to access content from their own devices, using cellular data plans, will they be compensated / reimbursed for that expense? How will those policies be communicated?


8. How will we continuously communicate our expectations for accessing learning content on mobile devices?


Additional questions we should try to answer:










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