It’s no secret that E-Learning Heroes is a one-stop shop for great content and support . . . but are you getting the most from your E-Learning Heroes experience? Are you a power user? Being an E-Learning Heroes power user means you’ve mastered all the tips and tricks for connecting and interacting with your fellow heroes. You’re staying on top of hot discussions, sharing your favorite content, and helping us keep E-Learning Heroes as the go-to trusted source for top-notch advice. Want to see if you’re an E-Learning Heroes power user? Or, do you want to become one? Then, check out the tips below.

Use the Quote Feature

Participating in a lively discussion is a great way to connect with and learn from peers, but in a lengthy conversation, it can be easy to lose track of which comment your reply is referencing. That’s where the quote feature can come in handy.

To build context for your comments or to respond to a specific point made in someone else’s comments, simply click on the quote link below the comment.

This results in a new reply textbox with the other person’s comment excerpted for easy reference. You can leave the other person’s entire comment in place or delete the parts you don’t need to make the context of your response even clearer.

Link to a Comment

Want to reference a specific comment?

Just click the timestamp on the top right to refresh your page with a link that anchors directly to that comment. Easy, right?

Follow Content

E-Learning Heroes also makes it super easy to keep tabs on specific content pieces with the bookmarking and subscribe features.


Bookmarking gives you a quick way to save your favorite content pieces for later. You can bookmark content by simply clicking on the bookmark link at the top of the page.

E-Learning Heroes also organizes your bookmarks so you can quickly and easily find them later. Simply hover over your profile image and click on My Bookmarks.

That’ll take you to the bookmarks tab of your E-Learning Heroes profile:

To filter your bookmarks by type, use the drop-down menu:


Another way to make sure you never miss out on the conversation is by subscribing to articles and discussions. To subscribe to a piece of content, simply click the Subscribe link at the top of the page.

By default, E-Learning Heroes will email you with every new comment on any content to which you’ve subscribed.

To see and manage all of the articles and discussions you’ve subscribed to, go to your profile and click on the subscriptions tab:

To unsubscribe from a discussion or article, hover your mouse over it and click the X button.

Share Content

Found a great article you’d like to share with your peers? E-Learning Heroes makes that easy, too. Simply hover your mouse over the Share link at the top of the content page to view and select sharing options—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.

Report Inappropriate Content

Stumbled upon some inappropriate remarks or comment spam? Despite our best efforts, abuse of the E-Learning Heroes community happens from time to time.

When you spot blatant spam or comments with inappropriate language, help us out by clicking the Report link underneath the comment—we’ll get right on it!

It’s as easy as that!

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