Creating and Naming Slides

Now that we have a working placeholder slide set up, we can duplicate the slide for each slide in the course. Several slides — Engage, Quizmaker and video branching slides — will need additional customizing which we'll manage later in production.

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter_05 > DuplicateSlides.pptx.

Step 1: Duplicating the slide placeholder

Looking back at our DIYTC_Storyboard.docx, we can see our course has 18 slides. In this step, we'll duplicate our starting slide 17 times.

  1. Select the placeholder slide
  2. Press Control-D 17 times to create 17 additional slides

Step 2: Renaming the Slides

When we duplicated the slides, we also duplicated the placeholder title "Heading". In this step, we'll update each slide title so it corresponds to our storyboard.

  1. Open DIYTC_Storyboard.doc
  2. Beginning with Slide 1, update the title heading so it corresponds to the correct slide number in the storyboard
  3. Repeat for all 18 course slides

What about the one-off slides?

For now, just use the current storyboard slide titles for the Engage, Quizmaker and video branching slides. We'll update their slide layout and titles a little later.

What's Next?

In the next chapter, we'll record some pickup audio and look at some common audio editing techniques.