Host or Characters

Course hosts are a great way to add familiar, repetitive elements to your course designs. Hosts are also another way you can align your visuals to your content.

The term "host" can be used loosely to mean any central character or object that appears throughout the course. People photos are easy because we usually have more than enough stock photos. Be careful with your use of people photos. Too often they're generic and disconnected from the content.

For this course, there were more photos of cars and trucks than there were auto technicians. And that works great because a car can make a great host. Think Love Bug, KITT, General Lee.

Hosts don't have to be the same person or object on every slide. As long as we maintain consistent image treatments across our slides, we can mix up the cars on each slide and still maintain consistent repetition.

What's next?

In the next lesson, we'll look at some ideas for design elements for our tire changing course.

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