How to build video-based quizzes in Quizmaker

One of the most powerful things about Articulate Quizmaker ’13 is its ability to handle media with ease. This feature enables developers to get really creative with their quizzes, building well beyond a simple text-based, multiple-choice approach. For example, they might design a video-based quiz.

With Quizmaker ’13, it’s super easy to insert video on the timeline. In fact, you can insert multiple videos onto the same slide to give learners great critical thinking exercises. You can also use the timeline to control how questions are introduced to learners, which is really neat.

Let’s take a look at the three easy ways to create a video question. The first two are variants of a multiple-choice question, and the third uses a hotspot question. Let’s start with the multiple-choice options:

Creating a “Multiple-Choice” Video Question—Single Video

If you want your learner to watch a video on the slide and then answer a multiple-choice question, then you should:

1. Insert a new multiple-choice question.

2. Add your answer choices.

3. Insert your video.

4. Align the elements on screen.

Creating a “Multiple-Choice” Video Question—Multiple Videos

If you want your learner to watch several videos and then make a choice, here’s an easy way to do it:

1. Insert a new multiple-choice quiz question.

2. In form view, add “Choice A,” “Choice B,” etc. for your potential choices.

3. In slide view, arrange your buttons in the appropriate positions. I recommend using the pull handles for each button to shrink down the highlighted area to only cover the button and text of each choice.

4. Insert your videos onto the slide. Select “Show Video Controls” if you’d like the learner to play the videos one at a time.

5. Arrange the elements on the screen so that your videos are placed above the choice buttons.

Creating a “Hotspot” Video Question

If you want learners to click on the appropriate video and then submit their choice, you can create a hotspot quiz like this:

1. Add your videos to a blank slide.

2. Convert to freeform (hotspot).

3. Draw hotspots on top of your videos. (If you are keeping the controls active on the video, make sure not to cover them with the hotspot.)

4. Select the correct hotspot in the form view.

Note: You can also start with a traditional hotspot question and then add your videos. It’s just kinda cool to say you made a freeform question!

In the following video, I’ll walk you through the processes described above:

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