Inserting Engage

In this lesson, we'll look at inserting our Engage interaction into our course. We really have two ways to do this:

  1. Insert Engage from Presenter
  2. Publish Engage into PowerPoint

Both work equally well so it's up to you and your workflow which method you use. My preferred workflow is to insert from Presenter. Why? For one reason, my interaction's already built so I'm finished working in Engage. I'd prefer to to close Engage, free up some resources, and get back into PowerPoint and Presenter.

Inserting Engage as a Slide

  1. Click Slide 4: Chock the Wheels in the Outline pane
  2. Click Articulate > Engage Interaction
  3. Click Add Existing... from the Engage Interactions tab
  4. Navigate to chocking_review.intr
  5. Click OK to insert Engage on Slide 5

Next we'll make a few changes to the Interaction Properties:

  1. In the Allow user to leave interaction menu, select Anytime
  2. In the Show 'Next Slide' button: menu, select Show Always
  3. In the Button Label: text box, type "Continue"

Preview your completed interaction.

What's Next?

That concludes the lesson on Engage. In the next lesson, we'll work with simulating multiple videos on a one slide. To do this, we'll work with hidden slides, hyperlinks and branching.

Cyndi Dorsey