With question-level reports, dive deep into how your learners answer individual questions on quizzes tracked for completion in your courses.

  1. Accessing Question-Level Data
  2. Viewing the Questions Tab
  3. Viewing the Learners Tab
  4. Viewing Reports for Third-Party Training

Accessing Question-Level Data

Question-level reports for quizzes tracked as a requirement for course completion are available in the corresponding course report. They don’t have an Analyze tab of their own.

Select the Courses tab to display a list of all current and completed courses for your account. Select an item to access the individual course report.

At the top, in the course report dashboard, click the Report link under the average quiz score to see the question-level report.

Note: The question-level report displays data only for the quiz currently required for course completion. If you remove the requirement or select a different quiz, you won’t have access to the current question-level data.

Viewing the Questions Tab

Each question in the tracked quiz has its own individual breakdown. This displays the question, the answer results for all learners, and how many times learners selected each answer. Click View More Results if all the quiz answers aren’t displayed.

At the bottom of each question breakdown is a tally of how many learners have answered the question and the overall percentage. Click Export to download a CSV file that contains a report of all the question breakdowns listed for the latest version of the course.

Sort the results low-to-high or high-to-low with the sort menu. If you've enrolled groups in the course, filter the results to display only the scores for selected individual groups with the results menu (the menu doesn't include unenrolled groups even if a user is a member).

Whenever you publish a new version of the course, reports on previous versions are still available from the Version dropdown menu.

Viewing the Learners Tab

Click the Learners tab to see how individual learners answered. Each learner enrolled in the course is listed, along with when they first completed the quiz, how long they spent in the course, whether they completed the course, and their best quiz score.

Click an entry to see the individual question breakdowns for just that learner. If the quiz has been updated since the learner was enrolled, select a previous version from the Version dropdown menu to display the learner's answers (if any).

If the learner takes the quiz multiple times, their previous attempts are available in the Attempts dropdown menu. The best attempt is shown by default. Each version of the course has its own best and previous attempts.

Click Export to download a CSV file that contains a breakdown of the quiz attempt currently displayed.

Viewing Reports for Third-Party Training

When you import third-party training that includes tracked quizzes, Reach 360 generates question-level reports.

If a quiz contains survey or essay questions, they’ll be excluded from the average quiz score and their answers displayed in the report. If a tracked quiz contains nothing but ungraded questions, you’ll see Survey listed in the quiz score column. Additionally, survey reports won’t contain an average score or quiz status.

All survey and essay responses are recorded, click the View Results button to see additional responses not listed in the report.