Recording Pick-up Audio

Recording Pick-up Audio

Change requests and updates are part of every project. This often means re-recording audio. One way to quickly re-do audio is to use Presenter's built-in audio recording for quick retakes. It doesn't matter if the audio was recorded externally or internally; the Audio Editor works the same with all audio files.

Let's look at some ways to edit the existing audio file and update with new audio.

Step 1: Editing the Audio

  1. Click Articulate > Audio Editor
  2. Click Slide 10 to select the slide and its audio
  3. Click-drag a selection around the second sentence
  4. Click Silence to mute the audio

Great. Now that we muted the trouble audio, let's do a quick pick-up and get this course back online.

Step 2: Recording New Audio

  1. Click the Record button to bring up the Record Microphone window
  2. Click the Record button again to begin recording. As you record you'll see your audio input levels in the recording window.
  3. Click Play to review your audio. If you aren't ecstatic with the first take, click Remove/Delete and then click Record to try again.
  4. Click Save when you're happy with the recording
  5. Click Play to preview the newly recorded audio

What's next?

In the next lesson we'll look at making some quick edits to our audio using Presenter 09's Audio Editor.

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