Selecting the Right Fonts for This Course

If you're like a lot of e-learning designers, selecting and combining fonts isn't your favorite part of creating custom themes. That's okay, because there are existing templates to help you.

If you've ever worked with Microsoft Word, you've probably seen the built in Font Styles.

Document design uses considerably more font styles than your average e-learning course. We're only interested in a few of those styles for our project.

Here are the most important styles you'll typically use for designing e-learning:

If you follow that structure, you can plug in your own fonts for any course. The most important thing to understand when selecting your type styles is hierarchy. Hierarchy simply means your text styles are organized based on importance.

Heading 1 is more important than Heading 2.

Heading 2 is more important than body text.

Body text is more important than caption or call out text.

Some of the fonts we considered are shown below:

Ultimately, the free font License Plate worked best. It looks like the type of lettering used on license plates which gives us a perfect automotive feel for our course.

License Plate is a title font which means it's designed for larger headings and not body text. Because License Plate is such a strong, themed font, we can use a more subtle, system font for our body and list text.

In the next lesson, we'll look at bringing the elements together to finalize our course theme.

John Jones
John Jones