Design a Course Starter Templates Inspired by Restaurant Menus #373

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to design a course starter template using design elements from restaurant menus.

You can include as many slides as you like, but your goal should be to find the most essential content slides course designers would need to start building an e-learning course using restaurant menu themes. On average, course starter templates include 6-10 common slide types. 

Here are some examples you could include in your course starter:

  • Cover slide
  • Objectives slide
  • Content slide
  • Quiz slide
  • Interaction slide (tabs, timeline, etc.)
  • Scenario slide

Restaurant Menu Inspired Template

This example from Trina does a great job balancing restaurant menu design elements while still following common e-learning navigation patterns. 

Restaurant Menu Inspired Template

View the example | Download the template

Where to Find Restaurant Menu Examples

If you're looking for inspiration, check out Art of the Menu. The site showcases restaurant menus from around the world and features options to search by cuisine, restaurant location, or keyword. 

Where to Find Restaurant Menu Examples

View Art of the Menu

What are Course Starter Templates?

Course starters are multi-slide templates that combine the most common e-learning content and interaction slides. Starter templates provide a structure to the design, layout, and flow of an e-learning course.

Below you'll find a few examples from previous course starter challenges.

Jodi M. Sansone

Jodi Sansone

Example | Download | Jodi Sansone | Website | @jodimsansone

Susan Schleef

Susan Schleef

View project | Susan Schleef

Andrzej Jabłoński

Andrzej Jabłoński

View project | Download | Andrzej Jabłoński

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Last Week’s Challenge:

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