There are times when you need to use a very specific color for certain elements in your elearning course. For example, if you need to match the color of an official corporate logo or follow specific branding requirements.

You already know that you can select custom colors visually, but how do you know if you are selecting the exact color you need?

Here are three easy methods for identifying the exact color you need from among the millions of possibilities. 

  1. Built-in color picker tool
  2. Microsoft Paint 
  3. A standalone color picker application

Storyline's Built-in Color Picker Tool

Some applications like Articulate Storyline and PowerPoint 2013 have a built-in color selection tool that makes this job a snap. In Storyline you can access the color picker tool by clicking the More Colors... option from anywhere you can apply colors such as font colors, fill colors, etc. From there you can easily use the color picker to choose a custom color from anything viewable on your screen. To do that, click the eyedropper button in the lower-right of the window, hover over any area of your screen, and click to choose a color. 

If the color you've chosen is something you want to save for easy selection later, click Add to Custom Colors. The color will get added to the bank of Custom Colors in the lower-left area of the window.

Two More Color Picking Options

For anyone developing content without access to a built-in color selection tool, this screencast shows  two other options (MS Paint and Color Cop) for determining the exact RGB color value of anything displayed on your screen and how you can apply that color to the objects in your e-learning courses.

The method for specifying a specific RGB color value works the same way in PowerPoint as it does in Storyline.

If you are interested in applying custom colors throughout your e-learning course, you might also want to check out Tom’s post on “How to Create Color Schemes in PowerPoint to Match Your Brand

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