One question that pops up in our community from time to time is how to track a non-linear, branching course based on learners visiting a specific slide.

One easy way to do this is to use a freeform Pick One question and a Results slide that are both disguised as ‘regular’ slides. Take a look at this tutorial to see how I set this up.

Set up the Freeform Pick One slide

  • Create the Freeform Pick One question with a custom button.
  • Set your button as the correct answer.
  • Turn off the display of any feedback.
  • Copy the ‘submit interaction’ trigger from the built-in submit button to the custom button on your slide.

Set up the Results Slide:

  • Insert a Results Slide.
  • Turn off all the usual options like ‘Show Score’, ‘Allow Review’, etc.
  • Remove the triggers that display the Pass and Fail layers.
  • Delete any remaining objects and format the slide to match the rest of your course.


  • Depending on what you are using to track your course, publish for LMS or Articulate Online.
  • Set the tracking option to track completion using the result of this particular Results Slide. 

If you prefer, you could make this look even less like a quiz question by moving the button off screen and using triggers to automatically select and submit that Pick One question.

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Duane Knudsen
Jill Freeman

Sure, Dave. On a slide at or near the end, add a trigger as follows: Action: Execute JavaScript Click Script button and type exactly this: SetStatus("completed") When: Timeline starts or ends. Or trigger the script based on an object, such as when user clicks the Next button or an object of your choice on the screen. You could also execute this script based on a change in the state of an object, or on a variable value changing. This is working well in the LMS environment for one of my clients. I use the Next button on the second to the last slide to trigger the script. These courses are published for SCORM 1.2. The LMS Reporting option status is set as Completed/Incomplete, The script may work with different settings. It must be thoroughly tested it, of course. Please let ... Expand

Abir dey

how to track completion of a course from a non result slide?I am facing this issue. The course is based on branching scenarios, the learner need choose whether he knows about the subject or not. If he/she chooses yes then the learner needs to go through an assessment and if he passes then he needs to go through some challenges post which he /she can complete the course. If the learner chooses no then they needs to go through some knowledge slides post which he/she can complete the course. My Issue: How to track the completion of this course? I cannot track based upon result slide because if the learner chooses yes and fails the assessment then he needs to go through the knowledge slides or if the learner chooses no then he will be taken directly to the knowledge path or if the le... Expand

Mike Taylor