Now that your question slides and feedback slides are created, the next step is to learn how to use slides.

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson files > Chapter_01 >Duplicating_Start.pptx

Step 1: Duplicating the question and feedback slides

When you created the first question slide, you renamed the slide at the end of the lesson? That made sense because you were working with one slide. Now that the framework is in place, it's a good idea to name your slides as you create them. This helps you manage and identify slides as you create more.

To duplicate and rename slides:

  1. Shift-click Slides 1 and 2 (Q1 and Q1 Feedback) to select them
  2. Right-click on either slide thumbnail and select Duplicate Slide from the menu
  3. Rename Slide 3 Q2
  4. Rename Slide 4 Q2 Feedback

Now that the new slides are in place, we can update and replace Q2 and Q2 Feedback with the correct content from our RSI_Storyboard.docx. We also need to update the image for Slide Q2.

Step 2: Updating the questions and choices

  1. Open RSI_Storyboard.docx and copy Question 2 from the storyboard
  2. Select the current question text for Q2 and right-click the selected text
  3. From the menu, select Keep Text Only to retain PowerPoint's formatting
  4. Select each choice from the storyboard and replace the current text on Slide Q2 using the same process. NOTE: The transparent shape button will prevent you from easily accessing the text. You can either move it to the side or turn off its visibility in the Selection Pane. Just be sure to replace the graphic or turn its visibility on after you've updated the choices.
  5. Make any alignment, sizing and spacing adjustments required to balance the text on the slide.

Now that the questions and choices are updated for Slide Q2, you can update the question and choices for Slide Q2 Feedback. You could copy-paste from the storyboard and update like you just did. But there's another way that might save you some steps.

Updating questions and choices on the feedback slide:

  1. Shift-click the question and choices text on Slide Q2
  2. Press Control-A to select the text boxes
  3. On Slide Q2 Feedback, Shift-click the question and choices text to select those
  4. Press Backspace to delete the text
  5. Press Control-V to paste the copied text into place

The key here is to ensure your question text formatting and spacing are just the way you want them before copying them over to your feedback slide. Any changes you make to one slide will need to be applied to the other.

Step 3: Updating the supporting image

We need to also update the image for question 2.

  1. Right-click Q1_StepImage.png and select Change Picture... from the menu
  2. Browse to Q2_StepImage.png and click OK to replace the image
  3. Replace the image on Slide Q2 Feedback with Q2_StepImage.png

Step 4: Updating the feedback

Updating the text

  1. Return to the storyboard and copy Question 2's feedback text
  2. Click-drag a selection around the feedback on Slide Q2 Feedback
  3. Right-click and for Paste Options, select Keep Text Only
  4. Reformat the text so only the correct text is set to Bold and size 18. The body text should be set to Normal weight and size 16.

Updating the visual feedback

We also need to update the color of the choice boxes as well as the icons.

  1. Select Choice_C.png and go to Format > Color > Recolor > No Recolor to return it's color to white
  2. Select Choice_B.png and go to Color > Recolor > Olive Green
  3. Reverse the Correct and Incorrect icons so they're appropriately placed over their choice boxes

And that's the process going forward.

What's next?

In the next lesson, you'll practice working with the model by creating the remaining question and feedback slides.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro
David Anderson