Answer Order in MC Question Changed On Its Own


I've just started using Articulate and I took an idea from Tom's tutorial in Quizmaker using the presidents (Working in Slide View). So I have six possible answers (A. Part 1: Tax Information, B Part 2: Earned Income, etc.) and in Slide view I have an image over the top of the answer text: three in the first row, three in the second. As I was working, I noticed that the radio buttons were uneven, so I went in and fixed them using the Align tool. Then when I went back to Form view, the answers were no longer in order. (A Part 2, B Part 1...)

This confused me for a while and I was just about to post a question here when I figured it out. Here's what happened. Some of my answer boxes in Slide view were two lines of text so they could more easily hide behind the image and some were only one. It must have been organizing the order by where the top of each text box started (at least that's my best guess). I went in and changed the text boxes to all be two lines, and then aligned them again, and everything is working great now.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post this in case someone else has the same trouble.

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