Can I compile the feedback to give to the user?

Mar 14, 2012

I would really like to compile feedback at the end of a quiz or survey for the user to see and/or print for themselves. 

So, my dream scenario is that if the user answers a question in a way that suggests they don't know the subject matter well, I would want to provide info about where they can get more training or info on the topic.  So if they answer 4 questions incorrectly, I might provide feedback that it's an area they should focus on and provide a link to the appropriate resources.  Rather than making the user write that down after each wrong question, I'd like to summarize it for them at the end of the quiz/survey.

Is this possible?  Though the results slide is editible, it doesn't seem to offer this flexibility, and the printout doesn't seem very user-friendly (not designed well, and has a good deal of info that I'd like to remove for this purpose).

I guess, ultimately, I don't care at all about score, but about providing an assessment of their skill level and providing them with the information they need to improve that skill level.

Thanks so much!!

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