Quiz not allowing student to select answer choice in quiz

Hello folks, 

I'm hoping someone has had a similar situation and been able to find a solution.  I have quizzes that contain multiple choice questions.  There have been reports from students that are sometimes unable to select an answer choice.  The blue highlight bar that normally appears while hovering over an answer choice does not appear and when clicking on an answer choice it is not selected (i.e. the radio button does not show that it has been selected).  Interestingly everything else that can be clicked in the quiz works, including the volume slider, previous and next buttons, and the question list dropdown menu.  

The quizzes are delivered via an LMS and are published in QM'13 using SCORM 2004, 4th ed.  I don't believe the problem to be a browser issue as I've switched browsers and the same problem occurs. 

What's makes this even more difficult to solve is that it only happens intermittently.  Most students are able to get through the same quizzes with no problems.  

Any ideas?  Would you lean towards this problem being caused by the LMS or a glitch in QM'13?  

Thanks for any feedback any of you might be able to provide.  



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tyler,

I appreciate you sharing that here!

Although this discussion has been around for a while, it doesn't appear that there's a common cause or theme so it's not been one our team has been able to implement a fix or document. If you were able to replicate steps that prevented learners from clicking on the question slides, I'd love to know more details on that so that our team can keep testing. 

Tyler P

Hey Ashley,

Below is an example of quiz that doesn't allow the user to select any answers. It's a stripped down version of a project I was working on. The file is too large to attach because I had a lot of video inside of it initially. Even though I deleted all of the video components, the .story working file doesn't decrease in size. Which is a whole other separate challenge I've been facing. 

Here is a download link of the .story file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2cgmq25zrhzt36/Broken-MC.story?dl=0

Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hi there, Tyler. Thanks for sending your file over for review!

I'm seeing the same behavior you're describing when testing the published output in Chrome, but looks like the interaction works correctly in other browsers and during Preview. So odd!

I'm going to enlist the help of our Support team for a closer look at this, as well as the file size issue. They'll reach out to you shortly with next steps, and I'll follow along!

Tyler P

Thanks Katie. 

I'm surprised to read that you are only able to replicate the issue in Chrome. I am able to replicate the issue in Storyline preview as well as all other browsers I've tested. 

I've tested Chrome, Firefox, and IE on windows and the issue persists.

I've also tested Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on Mac with the same outcome.

I haven't yet found a browser that will let me select any of the quiz answers.

I'm using the latest Articulate Storyline build (3.29.19305.0).

Thanks for also enlisting support for the size issue as well.

Tyler P

Issue resolved (in my case).

Somehow there was a "Submit Results" trigger on a slide in a completely unrelated scene that was firing before the quiz after it started started. In my case there was a trigger inside of scene 2.3 to "Submit Results for 3.3". This marks the quiz as complete resulting in quiz slides not being selectable. 

Thanks Katie for you help and the help of the Articulate team.