Blur or obsure info in Replay

Aug 22, 2014

Hi there,

Is there a way to blur or obsure areas of the video after you create it? Kind of like on TV when they blur faces or unmentionables! I need to block out sensitive information but still show folks how to perform a task.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dennis,

You could conduct to annotations and callouts within Presenter as detailed here or Storyline as a screen recording. So Replay is designed to be used in conjunction with those tools as well. Our team continues to take feature requests in regards to functionality that you'd like to see though, so feel free to share those here. 

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Nelson! 

While there isn't a built-in blurring feature in Replay, there are a few workarounds to choose from:

  • If you're embedding the video in Storyline, the How to Hide Sensitive Information in Screen Recordings tutorial Ashley shared is perfect for the job.
  • Using an outside product for custom edits like such ..and I'm sure folks here in your new community have suggestions about what they like to use for this! 

That said, I’d love to bring this idea back up to our product team! Would you mind telling me a little more about why that particular function would come in handy for you? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Erin Higgenbotham

Hi Katie - Old response so I don't know if you're working on it. Bluring content helps me hid sensitive information. Like account numbers, store numbers, etc. If I am doing a walkthrough demo, I can show the actual software and then blur out areas that I do not want the rest of the learning audience to see.

Erin Higgenbotham

Thanks Leslie. I know that it was suggested that we use external software, but...I guess this feature depends on what you want to do w/ replay. Is it supposed to compete with Camtasia (which is what I initially thought) or is it something else? It just would be very helpful to have these options (bluring), fade-in, fade-out, etc...but I know it depends on how powerful you want the software to be. But thank you so much!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erin, 

We have a few different screen recording tools in our Articulate 360 suite, so you'll have a bunch of options to record and produce videos. Here's a quick take on it, 

  • Peek: short screencasts that don't need to be edited
  • Replay: screencasts that you want to be able to edit a little
  • Storyline: longer screencasts that you want to be able to add interactivity to

Also, this article titled Record, Edit Videos with Articulate 360 will walk you through how each would vary. 

As for comparing with Camtasia, these discussions are a bit older, so they're comparing and working with the two tools prior to Storyline 3 and Articulate 360, but should give you a good sense:

Finally, a great resource titled "A Complete Guide to Creating Videos for E-Learning" may be of interest to you! 

Seonaid Jamieson
Chelsea Taylor

Hi Leslie--Is there a method where I can "upvote" the feature request to add blurring to a screen recording? I have been working on one slide for over a week trying to blur out all of the sensitive information in one frame and it is a huge inconvenience.

I need to do this too - blur out sensitive information.  It doesn't seem possible in Replay :(  Definitely needed!

Vincent Signorelli

Hi Team,

Sorry to necro such an old discussion, but it appears to be the most relevant when Google searching for this feature.

Is there somewhere to review the status of this feature request for Replay, Peek, or others?

Ideally having the solution in the Articulate features included with the subscription would be fantastic especially with such sensitive topics of GDPR and CCPA and future data sensitivity legal requirements which are bound to follow.

The solution(s) I found provided links to external platforms that in some cases require additional cost. Any information would be appreciated.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Vincent, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thank you for reaching out, and no worries about resurrecting older discussions to ask questions.

We do not have a customer-facing list or status of feature requests, but I can assure you that this one is still open, and we are continuing to track user requests. I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests, which may be helpful. This conversation is linked so we can share updates with you here in the future. 

Cheryl Asher

I just found this thread in a search for a solution. Same issue here, I have a video that shows passwords and account numbers, and I'd like to blur them. So, my interim solution was to take the video, put it in Microsoft Video Editor to remove the audio first. Saved as an .mp4, and now I'm working with it in Storyline, where I will take a screenshot of an area I'd like to blur - blur it in SnagIt and copy it back over the top of that part of the video. Clunky solution, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Please light a fire under the developers on this one! Thanks!