Slide Layer order issue

Aug 19, 2021

The only difference between these two screenshots is the order of the "Slide Layers"  Not the order of the Triggers, but Slide Layers.

This exact format used to work.  I still have the old publish (with no changes) that still works.  If I simply open this and publish today, it doesn't work.

If I publish with the "Success" Slide Layer on top, then the correct answer works fine, but the incorrect answer just gets stuck on this slide.

If I publish with the "Failure" Slide Layer on Top, then my incorrect responses go back to the noted slide (1.8), but then if I answer the question correctly, then the slide gets stuck, doesn't move.

Whichever layer is lower in then "Slide Layer" order, doesn't illicit the response.  Again, this is with no changes from previous publishes with the same logic.


I could very well just change the player triggers to drive off of the variables instead, but we have too much legacy logic here to let this go.

Thank you for any advice.

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Eric Allen

In short,

Screenshot 'Screen_Shot_2021-08-19_at_11.48.58_AM' successfully goes to the Next Slide as desired, but fails on incorrect responses.

Screenshot 'Screen_Shot_2021-08-19_at_11.41.36_AM' successfully goes to slide 1.8 on incorrect responses as desired, but fails to advance on correct responses.

The only change made is the order of the "Slide Layers" on that list.  That's all I have to do is move them up and down, and whichever one is on the bottom does not work.

Eric Allen

Changing nothing in the source, by simply moving back to this install (see screenshot), everything works fine.   Both correct and incorrect responses illicit the desired behavior of advancing forward on correct, and backward on incorrect.


If you need anything else from me please let me know.   Please keep me updated on this because I would like to not be stuck on the June 1 release until further notice.


Thank you.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Eric!

We are happy to help figure this out with you! Our Support Engineers are the best fit to work through these types of snags, so I've opened a case on your behalf with their team. You should've received a confirmation email that includes an upload link. If you can provide the .story file, that will help them better understand the issue.

We'll continue the conversation in your case. I'll follow along to see what the fix is!