Accessibility - Disable tab targeting for the built in menu

Mar 24, 2022

Hi there,

The software I simulate within Storyline 360 uses the [TAB] keyboard button to send off requests and enter data.

I normally disable the accessibility visibility of all images to prevent the yellow highlight from appearing. 

I can't seem to disable this functionality from the built in modern player. So whenever the user enters data then presses the [TAB] key this happens:

Is it possible to prevent this?

Thank you

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Robbi James

This is a real issue. If it's an Accessibility setting, it should be invisible until invoked. Not only is it popping up intermittently, it's not aligned with the actual format of the object it's meant to highlight. I had to change a text entry box from middle-aligned to top-aligned because the highlight box was displaying halfway down the text entry box.

Clearly something needs adjusting... I absolutely HATE that these display randomly, but it's even worse if they don't actually highlight the intended target. :( 

Eric Santos

Hi Robbi,

Sorry to hear you're running into these issues where the yellow accessibility box is popping up intermittently and is misaligned!

I'm happy to help troubleshoot. We can start by checking if you're working on your local drive; working on a network drive can cause erratic behavior. If the problem still happens, try running these steps to repair Storyline.

We'd be glad to investigate further if the steps above don't help. You may share your Storyline project in a support case so our Support Engineers can take a look!


Glenda DeHoff

I also simulate software using Storyline 360 and use the [TAB] key as part of the simulation. I would appreciate the option to be able to disable it for the player. I can understand how important this is for accessibility and how other users celebrated this functionality. However, it has eliminated key functionality for many others.

John Morgan

Hi Glenda,

I appreciate you taking the time to share what you’d like to see in Storyline 360. We currently have the option to disable the accessibility option logged as a feature request, so I’ll go ahead and include your voice. We’ll update this discussion if this feature makes it on our feature roadmap.

Thanks for reaching out!