Articulate Storyline + Tincan API module id

Oct 28, 2013


I am developing a couple of courses, using the tin can api for tracking the user results.

I am wondering if it is possible to override from Articulate Storyline the module id of the slides.

For example, if my course is made by 2 slides: Page 1 and Page 2, when I publish a course with tincan api selected, for each slide it will be generated an xml element in the file tincan.xml like 

<activity id="5v1xv1QCA93" type="module">

     <name lang="und">Page 1</name>

     <description lang="und">Page 1</description>


While I would like to change the activity id of the module that corresponds to Page 1 to "page1activityId" ( I would like to obtain: <activity id="page1activityId" type="module">),

is that possible?


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