Auto-complete appearing in Text Entry boxes

Problem that needs solving:
Multiple users complete the same quiz on the same computer.  When completing the quiz after the first time, the Text Entry box has auto-complete options appearing in the browser. 

Obviously with a Quiz, this isn't a good option and I need to disable it.

Publish settings: SCORM: HTML5 with Flash fallback
Delivery: Moodle 3.7 - Issue was noted on a Chrome Browser.

I don't think this was an issue when I published in Flash with HTML5 fallback, but I'm not 100% sure.

Chrome settings aren't an option (it's 1000's of users).
I also don't really want to dive into the SCORM package and re-write code (there's 96 packages)
Ideally a Storyline setting fix or a JavaScript on Master Slide Timeline Start would work best.

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Tim Danes

Thanks for the suggestion, but it's not possible.  1,000's of users, spread across multiple independent locations.  There's no centralised IT Dept.

If there isn't a setting inside Storyline, then based on the following article (which relates to HTML), I'm assuming there might be a JavaScript fix.  Not sure.

Tim Danes

As per @Matthew Bibby's suggestion, I use the following code for mine.   

var els = document.getElementsByTagName('input');

for (var i=0; i < els.length; i++)
els[i].setAttribute("autocomplete", "off");

Keep in mind that it is the browser (not the Storyline file) that is auto-correcting. 
i.e. When I add this code, the browser will still 'remember' the Storyline object, and so auto-correct appears for me until I clear the cache, but doesn't appear for new users.

Mary Cole

Sorry, I didn't describe the solution correctly. It's not enough to change the name to the right of the lock. Look at the trigger where it shows TextEntry or TextEntry1, etc. in a highlighted color. If you click on that, you may see the same variable associated with text fields on multiple slides. This can happen when you duplicate a slide. If you create each slide by inserting a new Fill-in-the-Blank slide, each associated variable will have a unique name. That seemed to be the issue for us.

Tabitha Mountain

Hi Harry,

You should be able to copy the text from the string into a text box on the Master slide(s). Then also remember to add the execute java script variable when the timeline begins on the slide.

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