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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Nate - Storyline does not have a playlist like in Articulate Presenter. One option might be to insert the audio in the slide master.  If you do this the audio will play on every slide - the only drawback is that the audio track will restart at the beginning of each slide. This could work for you if you have the right audio track.

Dave Neuweiler

David Anderson said:

Hi Nate - here's a technique for looping videos on the slide masters. It will work for your audio clip, too. Like Nancy mentioned, your clip should be designed to loop so there isn't a hard stop/start each time it loops.

David and Nancy make a good point in that the audio file should loop as seamlessly as possible, otherwise it'll sound awkward every time the loop restarts.

I use a software package called SmartSound, and allows me to create loops that usually have a pretty clean transition at the restart point. If you can't get your sound file to work the way you want, send me a PM and I'll give you a hand.

Nancy Woinoski

One thing you can do is add the audio track to the published html output using JavaScript. I have not tried it yet but Steve suggests one way to do it in this post. http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/25873/143142.aspx

I think there might even be an easier way than what he suggests but like I said I have not tried it yet.

Teresa Vanderpost

HI Ashley, this was something I was looking at trying today.  I see this post goes back six years...any chance I can do this now.  I have a music file that I would love for it to play across multiple slides on a low volume...

I saw there was mention of a feature request, so perhaps it is doable in 360 now?