Better AI for text to voice in Storyline 360

Oct 13, 2020

Our company does medical training products, hence medical terminology. The AI that comes with 360 struggles with these and other phrases to the point that I have to trick it with weird spellings to get it right.

I have found another AI text to speech service online called Speechelo that really breezes through the pronunciations. I haven't had to spend any time dealing with this. It's a simple matter of pasting the text you want into the app, converting it to speech then downloading and importing into the slide through insert/audio.

I bring this to your attention because I believe Articulate is one of the Big Players in the online learning creation industry. As an enhancement request, please up your AI quality so I don't have to go to outside sources to get good pronunciation and phrasing.



George Moureau

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Ren Gomez

Hi George, 

Thanks for taking the time to reach out about what you'd like to see with Text-to-Speech! We currently have an active request for this feature, and I'm happy to add your plus one to the list and share your insight with our team.

We'll be sure to jump back in here to let you know as we expand that feature set or make any changes, as your voice truly helps us prioritize and determine the next steps.

Janet Chafey

My team and I would also love to see improvements in the TTS capabilities. TTS is such a great feature! However, one of the ongoing issues we've experienced is the difficulty in affecting pronunciation, or adding emphasis such as anger where appropriate. Any updates that would make the narrators sound more human would be helpful.

Articulate has done such a good job implementing TTS so far, I hope you continue development on this feature.


Katia Lotte

Unfortunately tracking things doesn't actually get us users to have the requested function - I mentioned TTS limitations years ago and no changes have been made. Just like this feed which 2 years ago - same status. I now use Lovo AI to replace Storyline's built in TTS (just 1 example among so many out there). It's a pity to have to go outside to find a solution that Storyline should be offering to its users.

Michael Marcos

Hi Elyse and Katia, 

I just wanted to share some news about Storyline 360 Update 80. This update might be interesting for you since you’ve explored other options to improve the quality of TTS. In update 80, we have taken advantage of Amazon Polly’s neural text to speech feature. You will see better versions of most of the voices when inserting TTS audio. These will show up in the same place as the standard voices, under “Neural Voices”. These are voices that sound more natural and human-like and are considerably higher in quality compared to the older standard TTS voices.

A list of these voices can be found  here. Updating Storyline 360 to the latest version is super easy, here is the guide in case anyone needs it.

We will continue to keep tabs on requests to support ways to control emphasis, speaking rate, inserting silence, pronunciation and SSML support in general. Please let me know of any feedback (good or bad), around this enhancement and we’ll be happy to pass it along to our dedicated team of engineers. 

All the best,
Michael Marcos
Customer Support Product Liaison