Built-in Disabled State: Why would an item still be able to have its HOVER effects if it's been disabled?

Hi -- We have buttons that get triggered to go to the built-in disabled state after visiting the section that they take you to. When you return to the main home page, that button should no longer be active. However, you can still hover over it and see a hand and the hover state still activates. Is that normal for an item that has been changed to disabled?

Also, the built-in disabled state wasn't automatically grey, is that correct? We had to change the color to something specific ourselves. I assumed the built-in state would be automatically grey, but maybe that only works for BUTTONS and not for other objects we've turned into buttons? 

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Lewis Ward

Hi Ashley,

I had the same issue as you this morning, it's quite frustrating. What i did find however is that the buttons work as they should when you publish it. So no hover states on disabled buttons until the button changes to a state of normal.

Doesn't really resolve your issue but at least in future you won't have to delete and rebuild elements!