Can I insert a PDF into a course slide?

Jan 22, 2015

Hi All, 

Does anyone know if I can add a PDF document to be viewed as a slide?

I want to insert a glossary into my course and I would like to do this using a lightbox slide which contains a table which is pdf's word doc.

I can't see an option to insert a doc so I'm wondering whether this is not something that is achievable in Storyline?



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Michael Hinze

You can insert pdf's into Storyline with the Jump to URL/File trigger. Here is an example of a pdf, displayed in a slide, on a layer: and here is one that displays a pdf in  lightbox:

Michael O.

Pick the slide you want the PDF to appear on.  If you want the PDF to appear when a button is selected like the example create a new layer.  On the new laye:

  1. Select the Insert Tab
  2. Select Web Object.
  3. Dialog box will appear.
  4. In Address field enter the url where your PDF resides. 
  5. Click OK. 

You will not be able to see the PDF document if you use the Preview feature.  You will need to publish the project to do a real test. 

Louis Wilkinson

I've uploaded the document to the external files folder in the story_content but when I open the 'story' (html document), the 'story' (swf file) or the 'story_unsupported' files the document does not open. On the other hand the 'story_html5' version does open the document. 

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Michael Hinze
Eli Pod

Link is missing, any other location or suggestion about this solution, I would like to know about it, please?

Sorry, that was an old link. here is a quick example (disregard the poor formatting). I create a simple html page that holds the pdf. That html page is linked to a Storyline webobject.