Check / Tick marks in the menu

May 06, 2021

These seem to have appeared in a recent update? I certainly don't remember them being there before.

Can they be turned off?

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Anonymous M

Hi Mark,

I'd like to help you here. Are you referring to tick/check marks on a storyline menu? in a quiz menu? As far as I know if you're referring to a quiz type menu Storyline will have checkmarks and cross marks after a learner has finished the quiz. Maybe you can bring in the screenshot of what you're referring to and the community might be able to help. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Mark!

These visual indicators were added to the Modern Player in Storyline 360 (Build 3.50.24668.0). The modern player now clearly conveys all player states and status changes to learners and screen readers. As a result, it’s easier for all learners to identify the state of each player element and always know their progress in your course—without relying on color alone. 

There isn't a way to remove the visual indicators on the Player. 

Maria-Theresia Bergeron

Hi Lauren, 
I see all the visual indicators next to the slides in the menu but the tick is not visible on the quiz slide. Is it only possible to see the ticks if "Show Slide Draw Contents" is selechted and all the  questions of the quizz are displayed in the menu? thanks in advance

Ren Gomez

Hi Maria-Theresia,

It sounds like you're referring to a question draw appearing in the menu. That's correct! That default line will appear in the menu and only be ticked once all the questions have been answered.

If you select the option to Show Slide Draw Contents, it will show each question in the menu and their individual checkmarks.

I hope this helps!

Russell Still

Not being able to turn off this check mark menu "feature" is a bad idea. I have over 100 various lessons without it. With this being forced on me, I have the choice of republishing a massive amount of projects or living with a non-standard look/feel.

Are you guys considering making this check mark an option, not a requirement? Lauren argued that the check mark makes it easier for users to "know their progress". With all due respect, that is something that I, the author, should be able to decide. 

Lauren Connelly

I appreciate you sharing this with us! I've shared your comments with our Engineers to suggest offering the option to remove the visual indicators in the Modern Player.

I did want to share a little background on why the visual indicators were added to the Modern Player. In previous versions of Storyline, the slide titles in the Modern Player changed colors based on the visited state. Customers shared this made it difficult for individuals with vision impairments as the progress was communicated using color alone. The best practice is to not rely on color alone to convey meaning, so the visual icons were added to communicate progress to a learner without relying on color alone. 

I'll be sure to share if this feature makes it on our roadmap!

David Neal

Hi, Lauren (and everyone)! I'm glad that this has been brought up. 

Without arguing over the subjective nature of "Best Practices" on this topic, there are still some issues to be addressed. We have a request from stakeholders to either not show the checkmark, or (preferably) to show it only after the entire scene has been viewed. As it is, the checkmark appears after visiting the first slide in a scene.

Wouldn't it be relatively easy to give access to a built-in variable so as to control this?

Thanks a heap!

Peter Locke


I have some courses published in Storyline and some in Rise. It is extremely confusing for users of both courses when the visual indicators used in the navigation menus mean different things.... the tick/check mark in the Rise menu indicates completion of a lesson, whilst the tick/check mark in the Storyline modern player menu indicates viewing or viewed (with no current relationship to completion of a slide).  Users are saying to me "Why would they do this?" - I'd flagged this in the beta version as being a potential issue prior to release, so I just have to say "I don't know" :( Seems illogical to me, especially to use the same icon. I'd be interested to know the reasoning why?

Judith Brown

Hi - I would agree with Peter and David - the tick mark should only show if the slide is complete, not as soon as it is viewed. Some of our slides have variables by which we the authors decide if they are complete or not. Please give us the option to remove these ticks from the menu if we choose. Thanks.

Erin Sadler

Thank you for this useful fix, I'll give it a go.

I agree that checkmarks should be optional or configurable. I have a number of courses where the section (scene) is listed in the menu, but not the individual slides within. I don't want a whole section 'checked off' when users visit it! It's very misleading. It's not 'best practice' to use visual icons to convey learner progress when that's not actually what it's conveying - it's showing that you've visited a section, not progressed through it!

I'd prefer to be able to choose at what point the check mark is displayed, but short of that being able to turn them off would still be less misleading than how they currently operate.

Kelly Auner

Hi Ildiko,

Thanks for checking in and I appreciate you taking the time to share what you’d like to see in Storyline 360. Currently, I don't have an update to share, but we'll post it in this discussion if this feature makes it on our feature roadmap. If you need assistance with your project in the meantime, please feel free to share it here or privately with our team in a support case!