create specific bookmarks


we are figuring if it is possible to create specific "bookmarks"  just on certain slides to be used when resuming a course.

For example, if you have 4 chapters in your course and you left in the middle of the second one, we would like to resume the course from the beginning of chapter 2.

In particular, we are having this issue that we can not solve (on Moodle):

if the user exits from a slide that is part of a quiz bank and then resumes the course, he should be redirect to the last question visited, and strangely he lands on a blank page with no content on the sceen. the only chance to do something for him is clicking on the menu on a slide prior of the quiz bank (called "instructions") to restart the quiz. Furthermore also if we set a reset trigger on the result (inserted in the "instructions" slide) sometimes the answers are anyway blocked on the last response given (maybe this is just our error in placing the trigger)

anyway since it seems that resuming in the middle of a quiz bank occurs in strange behaviours, we were looking if there is a way to redirect the user to the instructions slide by creating custom bookmarks.

The only idea i had is to set specific variable on each slide to false as default and true at the end of timeline, and a check when the timeline starts, so that if that variable is true the user is redirected to the instruction slide. in this way, resuming on a slide that has been already seen, should redirect the user on the instruction. This method could be good just for a quiz sesion since the user is not allowed to navigate back to previous questions, but i'm asking myself if this could cause problems during a review of the questions.

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