Custom Quiz/Review Slides

Good Day,

I need assistance with the mark allocation on a customized quiz and how to prevent a learner from changing the value of a text entry in a customized review slide.

Firstly, I created three quiz slides that have multiple text entries (4) to be exact. I'm aware that articulate cannot handle more than one text entry on a quiz slide, so I customized my slide to have multiple text entries. However, when I submit the three quiz slides, it says that the leaner failed. How do I programmatically tally up the score/mark for each text entry, e.g. if text entry is correct then I want to add 1 to the score/mark, and if it is not, then I do not add to the score/mark.

Secondly, I created a Custom Review for each quiz slide, where I check if each text entry is correct/incorrect, then displaying whether it is correct/incorrect and it works fine, but the learner can change the value of the text entry if it is incorrect. How do I prevent the learner from changing the value in the text entry when displaying my review.

Thank for all the help that you have given me thus far.


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