Delete or hide Refresh icon ONLY, but keep Seekbar

Sep 03, 2013

With the way my course is setup and with everything I've read here in the forums, the refresh button that comes with the seekbar simply won't work.  Most of my slides are set to "resume saved state" and have multiple buttons and triggers based off of the learner doing something.  I also need the seekbar visible so learners can rewind narration as needed.

All I want to do is hide the refresh button so that it's not confusing to learners - it's just a dead button with absolutely no purpose.  Anyone have any ideas on how I can do this?  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chrissy,

The replay button is built into the seekbar, and I haven't seen any community examples where it's been removed. You can always submit a feature request to be able to delete it. Additionally, I saw this thread, where at the bottom Steve has a suggestion on how to edit that part of the seekbar. 

Chrissy Chamberlain

Yes, I implemented the workaround to modify the frame.xml post publish.  Here are the steps I work through:

1.  Publish the course

2.  Zip the file

3.  From within the zip file, open story_content > frame.xml in a program like Dreamweaver

4.  Do a “Save As” to save the frame.xml file on your desktop (or other like location)


5. Use a find and replace to change replay enabled to false.  Be very careful to make sure all the spacing and quotations are correct.  I recommend doing a search for “replay”, and then doing a direct copy of the code from within the file and pasting it into the “replace” portion in this dialogue, and then change true to false.

Find & Replace

7. Save the frame.xml file

8. In Windows explorer, go to where the modified xml file is saved, select and copy the “frame.xml” file

9. In your Zip file > story_content, paste and replace the old frame.xml file

Ashley Schwartau

It would be AWESOME to not have to edit code. If the volume button is separate, then the rewind button can be separate too. So I submitted a feature request for this as we NEVER need the rewind button and we always have clients coming to us like "this button doesnt' work" and then we have to try to explain that NO its not broken its just how the slide is built blah blha blah and then they're like well then why have this button at ALL get rid of it but then they want the seek bar because who wouldnt want to be able to see their progress on a slide? It's very annoying.


If you only want it hidden on a few select slides, do not use the master slide for the "hide" code. Rather, run the code only on the slide where you want it hidden "at time line start" and put the unhide code on the previous and next buttons and make sure it runs prior to moving to the target slide.

Gabriel Pardo

Hi Owen, I put this like you had explained, but it doesn´t works. This is my master, just for one scene.

To make a test, I just only make a publish for this slide:

But in a navigator view, it doesn´t works, rewind is still there. Is there something else I need to put at the javascript code?

This slide is a menu so I need to use "Resume saved state". So rewind works just to pause or delay audio, but it doesn´t reset slide, and I understand that, but for clients it looks like an error. What can I do?



Kristen Llobrera

Hi Owen. I just tried again and it's definitely not working for me. I'm using the classic player and using v3.36.21289.0 of Storyline 360. I would LOVE to get it to work. I find it pretty embarrassing to have to explain to the client that there's a button on the screen that just won't work and we also can't get of it.

Greg Poole

Thanks Owen, that's great.

I was interested to see that the replay icon is hidden but is still functional -- mouse over the area where it usually shows --> mouse changes to pointer finger --> clicking there replays from slide from start. Just thought it was oddly cool/cooly odd.

Also, and you likely know this, but if the code is executed on Slide X, and then one goes back to Slide X-1, the replay icon is still hidden, so I guess the "visible" code would have to be included on every slide except Slide X when the timeline starts.

Thanks again!


Greg Poole
Kristen Llobrera

...embarrassing to have to explain to the client that there's a button on the screen that just won't work and we also can't get of it.

Absolutely embarrassing!! 

Articulate staff/coders: your clients are telling you they are embarrassed when they have to present work to their clients using your software.

For the love of crunchy corn chips, please resolve this non-functioning  replay button. You must  know that it really is broken...

Greg Poole

Hi Phil,

What about slides that can't be reset to initial state (e.g., they have interactivity, work as menus, etc).  The issue/question seems to be that the replay button still shows but doesn't work.

Unless I'm missing something, I'm still seeing this as a genuinely big deal. 


Stephen Ferenchak

For anyone using the modern player, you can hide the rewind/replay/reset button using javascript for any slides that you need to have the "Resume saved state" property enabled.

Set a trigger that Executes the following javascript when the timeline starts on any slide you want to hide the button.

document.querySelector('#reset').style.display = 'none';

Doing it this way currently doesn't require you to manually re-show the button on subsequent slides.

Ideally, we wouldn't have to do it this way because it's a flimsy workaround, so add me down as another vote for making this work as end users of the software and end users of the published files expect a rewind/replay/reset button to work.