different branching depending on layers

Ok thats gonna be difficult to explain. I hope ill be clear.

I have this quiz. At the end of the quiz, the respondant has the choice betwenn reviewing before submiting, or to submit.

He then gets his results and can review (get feedback) on his performance.

When he's getting feedback at question 9, he then is on the review layer.

What I am trying to do is this.

When initially answering the quiz question 2.11 on the base layer, when he clicks the next button, he then goes to 2.12 (review or submit). Upon submiting, he receives feedback on his performance (2.13) and starts reviwing his answers (Review layers of each slide).

he then arrive on the review layer of 2.11. I dont want him to go back to the review or submit (2.12) slide, i want him to branch to 2.14 (Go to next section).  

I put different "jump to" triggers on the layers (jump to 2.12 on base layer and jump to 2.14 on review layer) but it doesnt seem to work - i always jump to 2.12 whatever layer i'm on.

is there some way to be achieve this?


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