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Peter Anderson

Hi Ryan, 

You might be able to use Articulate published content with your Sharepoint server, but it's not something we'd be able to support. You'll need to switch to "Explorer View" in Sharepoint before uploading your published output as explained in this older forum post. Perhaps someone else has more recent experience using Sharepoint with Storyline who may be able to offer you more help. Good luck!

Brett Rockwood

Ryan, I use SL all the time on SharePoint. Like Peter said, all I've done is create a folder in SP and view it in Explorer View. Then drag the published content from SL into the folder. Set up permissions in SP as desired. You launch the training from the story.html file. Once you launch the training you can copy the URL of the player and email that to learners.

Brett Rockwood

Hmm, I don't know if our implementation of SP is set up in some special way (I don't think so) but I've never had any trouble loading Articulate Presenter or Storyline by dragging the output files to a SP folder. Are you publishing for Web? And make sure you are dragging all 4 items (story_content folder, meta.xml, story.html file, and the story.swf) into the same folder in SP. And then launching from the story.html file.

Bill Baugh

I came across this thread hoping that it would help -- I had the same question as the original poster.

I have set everything up exactly as you've suggested. When I open the story.html page, however, the player does not launch. Instead, my browser prompts me to save the file. I have the same results using numerous browsers and multiple computers. I can confirm that I have published for Web and that I have dragged all folders/files in Explorer view to a SharePoint site that I'm the owner of.

Is there anything in the publishing procedure that I'm missing?

Amy Pennington

Can someone instruct me on the specific files you need to load from Storyline to Sharepoint?  WIth Captivate you only need two - the HTML file and the SWF file. 

I went to an elearning conference yesterday and downloaded the 30 day free trial of Storyline.  We would love to use it instead of captivate but are afraid of the number of files that need to be loaded to Sharepoint.  



Brett Rockwood

Amy, my guess is that your SharePoint administrator may have set a limit to the number of files that can be uploaded at once. I'm certainly no SharePoint expert but I'd check with your administrator to check.

Other than that I don't really have any other info; we routinely publish SL content, create a folder in a SharePoint library, change the view to Explorer view, then drag and drop the published files and folders into the SP folder. Use the story.html file to launch the course.

HPL Training

Brett - I'm not having any issues with accessing my files on SharePoint, but I am being told users are running into the GCOD (Grey Circle of Death) at random times. I'm seeing that this may have something to do with Flash memory, but I'm unsure how to fix it. Have you had any issues/experience with this? 

Brett Rockwood

Hi Erika,

Are you refering to the spinning loader that appears when you first launch a course? I have not had any special issues with that in SharePoint. I believe SL tries to load the first few slides at the beginning so if those are particularly heavy slides e.g., with video/audio, it may take a bit longer to load. I've not heard or seen this loader (GCOD?) appear in the middle of a presentation. Can you clarify when you users are having issues and what they are seeing?

HPL Training

Hi Brett - thanks for responding. The issue is not with spinning loader. The GCOD looks like this:

The users are seeing this pop up at random times. From what I can see from Adobe online forums and another thread here, it has to do with Flash memory. However, I've seen some sites suggest going back to the developer, which is obviously me, and I'm not sure what I can do in Storyline to prevent this from happening. I'm also wondering if the fact that it is on SharePoint is causing this? Basically, I'm not sure whether the issue is related to Adobe Storyline or SharePoint :S

Kenji Ishikawa

Hi All, I've been able to load SL outputs onto our SharePoint 2010 environment just fine using the techniques described earlier in this thread, however, my company is moving to SharePoint 2013 Online and does not wish to allow the browser to render HTML files from SharePoint for security reasons. A workaround from our IT department was to "convert the story.html file to .aspx." Has anyone had any experience with this? I thought I would post here since it is SharePoint-related.