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Steve Bekkala

Good evening, Crystalle.

In Storyline 360, click on Slides and then Content Library:

This will open up the Content Library, where you can then find the template you want to use:

Once you've selected the template, it will then download it into Storyline 360:

The template will then appear in your story as a new slide:

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Rashmi, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

When you add a template from Content Library 360 to your Storyline project:

  • The slide you chose will be automatically added to the current scene.
  • You can use theme colors and theme fonts to quickly customize the template to match your brand requirements or style guide.
  • The theme of the template will be added to the themes gallery on the Design tab of the Storyline ribbon, so you can easily reuse it later.
  • All the layouts for the template will be added to your slide masters, and you may customize them as you’d like.
  • All the layouts for the template will appear in the basic-layouts gallery, making it easier to add new slides from the same template later—even when you’re offline.

This all happens once you add a single slide:

Would you be able to share an example of this process taking too long? I'd like to understand better so that we can help.