Drag and Drop RESET option

May 02, 2016

Is there anyway to add a RESET option when creating a Drag and Drop activity. I love using the Freeform options when creating quizzes but it would be nice to have a RESET button on Drag and Drop questions when students don't get the correct answers and to make it easy for them to Try Again.

Is a Reset option something they can add to a future update under the Drag and Drop options?

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Kimberly Lococo

Hi Alexia,

I originally thought this was working great until I realized this does not work if the question is set to a certain number of Attempts. After clicking Try Again, the slide is set to Reset to Initial State so it never remembers the number of attempts made and just stays in a loop to Try Again.

Does this setting ONLY work if using Unlimited Attempts or is there something else I need to configure to Reset the answers but still keep the slide set to a specific number of Attempts?

Alexia Arroyo

Hi Kimberly,

That makes sense! So I played around and here's what I'd do:

1. Create Variable: TryAgain (Type: Number/ Value:0)

2. On your TryAgain layer, create the following trigger: Add 1 to TryAgain when user clicks TryAgain variable

3. On your Base layer, add the following trigger: Show layer Incorrect when user clicks the Submit button IF TryAgain is greater than or equal to 2.

NOTE: You can change the number 2 to however many attempts you'd like to give the learner.

There might be a simpler way to accomplish this, but I went ahead and attached an example. Good luck!

Kimberly Lococo

Alexia, I'm so sorry but still running into glitches on this on after doing more testing on this. Here is what I discovered:

I want to allow students 2 attempts to get the correct answer - so in essence they should only be able to click the Try Again button 1 time which takes them to attempt 2. If I set the TryAgain value to 2 for the number of attempts, it then let's them click Try Again 2 times (which now allows 3 attempts). So I ended up setting the value on Step 3 to Equal/Greater than 1. 

In addition, we are also telling the system to show the Incorrect Layer after the Variable reaches the set value, which in my example, is 1. But, when testing this,  if I select the correct answers on the second attempt, it still displays the Incorrect layer because I clicked Try Again 1 time, as set in the #3 condition. Shouldn't it first look at whether the answers are correct before being overridden by the variable? 

I'm very perplexed on this one. It would be great if  there was some way we could add a RESET button in a future release for Drag and Drop activities which allows users to set the draggable items back to their original position, if so desired.

Kimberly Lococo

Hi Ashley, I copied the slide in question to a separate project since my main project is very large. I have this set up to allow the user 2 attempts (so the value in step 3 above is set to Equal or Greater than 1). The Variable option works GREAT if you get the answer wrong on the second attempt, but if you get the answers correct on the second attempt, it still shows the Incorrect feedback layer.

Thanks so much for looking at this!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kimberly,

You'll want to look at putting that trigger on your try again layer based on when the timeline starts vs. when the user clicks the "submit" button. That'll allow it to show the "incorrect" layer from the try again on their second attempt and and then they'll be able to see the correct layer if they answer correctly. Right now your trigger tracking the variable is overriding the built in functionality of the correct or incorrect layers. 

Kimberly Lococo

Thanks so much Ashley,
This finally seems to be working after testing several times!

I REALLY struggle using Variables but most of these made sense to me until you had me change this one to "When Timeline Starts" versus when "clicking the Try Again" button. What makes the difference here?  Trying to wrap my head around these!

Thanks again to everyone for all of your help with this!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kimberly!

Ashley is out of the office today, so I'm trying to catch up on your conversation here.

I took a look at your file and I'm assuming you've now got it to look something like the attached.

The left was your original file and the right is the updated one attached.

Your story was choosing to go to the Incorrect Layer when Try Again had already been reached. This is why you could not get to the Correct layer if correct. You were overriding the built-in settings.

By moving it to the Try Again Layer, this would eliminate this override. You change it to when the timeline starts because you do not have a Submit button on this layer.

I hope that makes a bit more sense?! It can be confusing. I talk out loud when needed to help it make sense.

Molly Schachleiter


I've tried following the steps listed in this forum as well as another on the same topic, and I can't seem to get my project to work correctly. I'd like to give the learner two tries on this drag & drop question (essentially bringing them to the "Try Again" layer after 1 attempt and then to the "Incorrect" layer after the 2nd attempt), and I'd like the slide to Reset to Initial State in between these attempts so that the draggables all go back to their initial positions. I've attached my slide for reference, is anyone able to help me out with figuring out what I'm doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Gracie, all you have to do is change the order of the button triggers on your Try Again layer.

You have it set so that when the user clicks the Try again button, it jumps to 1.1 before the trigger to increment the count for Q3 is executed so this means the number is never increased.

Just move the add trigger so that it comes before the jump trigger and it should work. 

Craig Lindeman

I am having a similar issue, and have come up with a workaround for free form drag and drop (within a question bank), but have not been able to reset to original state using a question bank.  Is there a way to single out (jump to) a particular quiz question slide within a question bank to essentially get the question to reset to its original state?  I will post the scenario momentarily in case some may find the first work around useful. 

Craig Lindeman

Here is the .story file (built in Storyline2).  Please let me know if it did not come through right, as this is my first posting and I am a bit of a noob with it.  Please forgive the stripped down version, but it seems to work fine...  Question 2 is where I want the word to go back to the bank after clicking try again...  I hope Question 1 might help others too (make sure to check Allow only one item in each drop target from the Drag&Drop options for it to work).  I might just rebuild the word banks to drag and drop.  if I cant get word bank to behave...

Gerry McAteer

Here is another way to return dragged objects to the original starting point for multiple retry attempts without having to use a variable:

1. place an add motion animation onto each drag object.

2. set the start and end points to the same point (when the drag object is in its original spot)

3. set duration to 00.10

4. on the Try Again layer - and  on the Try Again button set a new trigger for each of the drag objects. (Move 'object' on LineMotionPath1 when the user clicks Try Again button

and that's all you need to do! :)

cheers Gerry