Enable Next Button After Visit to Each Layer Storyline360

Hi Friends - Quick Storyline 360 rookie question, but for the life of me can't figure this out.

I need to ensure that my learners visit both of the layers that I've added to my slide before being allowed to advance (using Next button). I begin by disabling the Next button when the timeline starts. I also have a "Return" button on each of my layers to bring them back to the base layer. Using button visited triggers on the base layer works fine (re-enables the Next button). However, if my learner clicks the return button on my layer to come back to the base layer, the Next button disables again. I take it there is no "layer visited" condition I can employ, so do need to use some kind of variable? Seems like a lot of work for so simple a task - then again I'm a rookie!

Thanks all!

Ashley Green (though our corporate account says Rich Chapman)

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Nancy Woinoski

You need to create a true/false variable and add a couple of triggers to your base slide to make this work as follows:

1. Click the Manage project variables button in the trigger panel {x} and add a true/false variable with the default value set to false.

2. Add a trigger to your base layer to adjust the value of the variable to true when the state of the buttons is visited. 

3. Add a trigger to change the state of the next button to normal when the state of the buttons is visited (you probably already have this one set up based on your description).

4. Modify your trigger that changes the state of the next button to disabled when the timeline starts to add a condition.

the condition is if the variable is set to false.


That should do it and I agree with you that this should be easier. 

Rich Chapman

Wow, thank you Nancy! This was extremely helpful! Not at all intuitive to me to use a general base layer trigger as a conditional disable of the Next button, but I understand the logic now. For some reason, it seemed like the visited state of my buttons was reverting or changing when I returned to the base layer, having visited all of the other layers (and having clicked the buttons). Basically, I wanted to make sure my learners returned to the base layer one last time before advancing to the next slide. But when I came back to the base layer using a button on my final layer, the Next button on the player disables itself again. "Resuming Saved State" for the base slide didn't seem to help with that, so I must not be thinking of it correctly . . .

Anyway, really grateful for your quick and wise counsel!


Jay Couvillon

Hello,  I know this conversation is from a few years ago but I'm having a similar issue and I hope you can help.  The conversation above seems to refer to buttons that Rich placed on the screen to navigate between slide layers.  The trouble I am having involves the player's existing Next button. If a learner clicks over to layer before the base layer timeline ends, the Next button won't activate (when Player is Restricted).

Any tips on how to make this work?